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HatPineapple Productions is powered by Michael Linder(MusicMan), Anthony Santarelli(BusinessMan), and Tristan Travis(SlothMan). These three from the music, business, and art worlds, along with their friends, came together because they had a need to create. This dream is made possible thanks to the endless talents of the HatPineapple Collective and the people, the love, the musical instruments, and gear that enter our orbit.



Michael Linder is an Emmy Award-winning composer and audio engineer with over ten years of studio experience. After graduating with a BA in audio engineering and minoring in performance for classical percussion from Belmont University, Michael began his career in Nashville at Triple S Entertainment where he composed, performed, and produced music for a popular daytime television series. Independently, clientele includes MTV2, the Oprah Winfrey Network and The Dallas Stars.

In his musical compositions and collaborations, Michael stays true to his roots in analog production, crafting a hybrid incorporation with digital clarity in a style all his own. His dynamism and skill enables full-scope control of any project, to arrive at that classic and timeless feel, crystal clear tone, or futuristic groove.

As a studio musician and prolific writer, Michael understands the importance of diligently curating the soundscape, and brings this experience into his audio production/consulting, composition, sequencing/formulating songs, sampling and performance. Michael is a pure multi-instrumentalist - proficient in percussion and marimba, skilled in piano, cello, guitar, bass, and vocal performance.


Anthony Santarelli is a business specialist with experience in the not-for-profit and business sustainability sectors. From being a lifetime shower singer and long-time bassist to leading the Music Committee at WEFT Community Radio, music has always been close to Anthony's heart.  In addition to making photo and video art, he enjoys contributing his management and business development skills to help artists pursue and achieve their musical dreams.


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