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HatPineapple is a music production house that provides high quality, original music for commercial and independent content creators. We provide custom audio production and composition services to make musical soundscapes that capture our clients’ unique style and vision.  We supply creators, animators, film makers, graphic designers, musicians, podcasters, and vloggers with personalized audio and video media, helping to amplify their brand and expand their marketing reach.



Audio logos, sound effects, film soundtracks, background music, intros and outros, jingles and jangles.

Tailor made to fit your project just right. If you know what you want your track to sound like but it doesn't exist yet, we can bring your ideas to life.

Don't know exactly what you want but need professional assistance to figure it out? We offer custom compositional and creative services to make sure you are satisfied and your project has that perfect sound.  

We also offer custom sound design services if you need a series of tracks that are connected with a central theme or instrumental cohesion.

Call now! (email us at hello @ hatpineapple dot com)


Our Sound

For an off-the-shelf solution for your audio needs, peruse our audio sampler reels, stocked with high quality hooks and flavorful tones.  Select an album below to find tracks organized by mood, style, and sound.



In this collection you will find upbeat, uplifting, and inspirational sounds. Perfect if you want to add some feel good, energetic, and confident tones to your project. Recharge your energy and make your mark.


In this collection you will find indie wanderlust, cheery, and downright silly sounds. A lush, playful, and whimsical cartoon landscape filled with jubilant critters and nature friends.

Synth Dreams

In this collection you will find electronic blips and analog machinations that robots make love to.  These synth dreams are perfect for any sci-fi or retro weirdness needed to tell your story.


In this collection you will find powerful passion mixed with determination, and sometimes eerie sounds. Made for when you need a flair for the dramatic to escalate the tension when stakes are high.


In this collection you will find the always pleasureful and familiar yet exotic marimba. Just what you need for that quick pick me up you need to break through and tell your story.

All Sampler Reels

Each one of the above mentioned reels thoughtfully arranged in one playlist for your listening pleasure. To hear full versions of our tracks, please contact us for access.


In this collection you will find the bold and splashy yet refined and calculated beats and smooth production sounds. Sure to amp up the excitement that can bring the noise or calm the nerves.


In this collection you will find ethereal, relaxing, and thought provoking sounds.  Made for those chilled out mellow moments that soothes the soul and puts stress on hold.

Music for Podcasts

We want to create custom audio that uniquely brands your podcasts, vlogs, video series, and other creative content with a professional sound that compliments your style and vibe.



A sampling of past works


Bubbles - Claritin-D TV Commercial

Music arrangement by Michael Linder. Music produced by HatPineapple.

Video by Lankford Films | Creative Agency - Energy BBDO


Music For the Raw Data Podcast

Michael Linder of HatPineapple produced, wrote, and recorded the theme and incidental music. 

Nathaniel Ruiz performed the flute, clarinet, and saxophone on the main theme and co-wrote two of the incidental pieces.



Music composition by Michael Linder. Music and sound produced by HatPineapple.

Animation, video, and everything else by David Moore.

Linder Moog - Copy (758x758).jpg


HatPineapple Productions is powered by Michael Linder(MusicMan), Anthony Santarelli(BusinessMan), and Tristan Travis(SlothMan). These three from the music, business, and art worlds, along with their friends, came together because they had a need to create. This dream is made possible thanks to the endless talents of the HatPineapple Collective and the people, the love, the musical instruments, and gear that enter our orbit.



Michael Linder is an Emmy Award-winning composer and audio engineer with over ten years of studio experience. After graduating with a BA in audio engineering and minoring in performance for classical percussion from Belmont University, Michael began his career in Nashville at Triple S Entertainment where he composed, performed, and produced music for a popular daytime television series. Independently, clientele includes MTV2, the Oprah Winfrey Network and The Dallas Stars.

In his musical compositions and collaborations, Michael stays true to his roots in analog production, crafting a hybrid incorporation with digital clarity in a style all his own. His dynamism and skill enables full-scope control of any project, to arrive at that classic and timeless feel, crystal clear tone, or futuristic groove.

As a studio musician and prolific writer, Michael understands the importance of diligently curating the soundscape, and brings this experience into his audio production/consulting, composition, sequencing/formulating songs, sampling and performance. Michael is a pure multi-instrumentalist - proficient in percussion and marimba, skilled in piano, cello, guitar, bass, and vocal performance.


Anthony Santarelli is a business specialist with experience in the not-for-profit and business sustainability sectors. From being a lifetime shower singer and long-time bassist to leading the Music Committee at WEFT Community Radio, music has always been close to Anthony's heart.  In addition to making photo and video art, he enjoys contributing his management and business development skills to help artists pursue and achieve their musical dreams.


Tristan Travis - Classified.


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